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Class Outing? [3.13.09 - 10.00pm]

Hello! Should we have a class outing now that the Privates are having their block leave? :D Comment!
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hello people! merry christmas!

wanteng is suggesting that we have steamboat to send the guys off and she's proposing to have it on the 31st, so that we can countdown together!
any takers/views?

your welfare rep
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:D [8.26.08 - 11.21pm]

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[7.27.08 - 4.10pm]


Hi guys, first minute of our class montage, give some fb i was thinking mayb take out the metal wire part! Will prob use another song after 1 min!


Shit i forgot to include my 7B picture folder when i reformatted my com!!! gg ):
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Grad Day Souvenir [7.4.08 - 8.48pm]

Hey, do you have any suggestions for the Graduation Day Souvenir? Comment if you do. Thanks! :)
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Ka Kin at Softball Match [4.16.08 - 10.15pm]


Ka Kin at first base. His jersey number is... 69!

Ka Kin at third base, before he ran home and scored a point!
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KK.. [4.6.08 - 2.12pm]

[ mood | amused ]

Dear Apollo students, (posting first before ms wong posts)

We would like to commend Fung Ka Kin of 07S7B for his honest act of
returning a lost wallet AND a handphone to the General Office AGAIN. It may be a small act
to Ka Kin, but it speaks volumes of his character and integrity.
Now even the receptionist recognises him.

Taken after math remedial

Please remember that in our pursuit of academic excellence, we
believe strongly in the importance of having strong moral values.
Only then will you gain prestige and respect in life.

Ka Kin, we are proud of you as an Apollo student :)
Hitler is proud that you support his ideals.
We'll be awaiting your appearance in the apollo newsletter :D

Nigel you made ka kin crazy over drawing his own body...

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Photos of Saturday [3.30.08 - 1.25am]

So Saturday we went to Eugene's house! I've only got 10 photos

Photos of Saturday!Collapse )
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National Vertical Marathon 2008 [3.12.08 - 2.30am]


07S7B people who finished the climb up 60 stories of Republic Plaza during National Vertical Marathon this year! :)

Good luck with your revision. 7B ALL THE WAY!
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WWW! [11.12.07 - 4.23am]


And so! Now time to post class chalet pictures! Dont hv alot audrey have more I think, mine's mostly pictures on trip to wild wild wet!

Class <3Collapse ) 
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Sabbats! [10.28.07 - 2.55am]

Hey guys shall liven up this blog a little! Took some sabbats pics long time ago. Shall post it here! (: 

Shall post more about class chalet later on! Check class blog for updates! And to all people who signed up for fac outing, please bring payment during OP presentation! Sorry for being so buggy but we have to pay before actual day cos we paid first for you guys! Thanks so much :D
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zisheng [10.7.07 - 2.24am]

aww that's nice of you and thanks for the concern :D

But you're not that fine yourself, are you?

Falling off from my bike while munching greedily on kiwi chocolate, not what you call graceful right?

Its probably "ouch!"

everyone please show him some concern too! i don't wanna hog all the attention.

More chocolate nigel?
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YEOO JIA JUN [10.2.07 - 10.28pm]

he fell into upper seletar reservoir today.
his phone can't work now.
everyone please show him some love.
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[9.15.07 - 10.46pm]


Taking a break from all the mugging. And So I decided to read our class blog and I realised there were some entries that I have never read before! Lke eugene's prison break picture and I cant even rmb when and where was it taken? There's no recollection of that photo in my mind oh dear.

And it seems just lke yesterday where stj took place! And all the random events that happened along the way. And now its been so fast, 9 months since our sch term started. And its 9 days to promos. Time really flies as you grow older. 

And to 7B, all the best for the examinations! We may  be named the worst class in the level, but it's okay as long as we all try :) So dont give up on the promos (even tho I have given up on chem haha), JIA YOUU AZA AZA FIGHTING GAMBATTEE! That's chinese, korean and jap for you. 


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Sentosa Outing on 25th Aug 2007 [8.30.07 - 10.31pm]

Enjoy! (: I have to put all the photos under the cut because their widths are too big for the layout.

17 more photosCollapse )
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pw photos [8.30.07 - 6.49pm]

[ mood | tired ]

yo ppl! here are the photos taken today during pw.
some of the photos are rather dark but u can fix that easily by using microsoft photo editor - autobalance, or by adjusting the balance urself. yup! jiayou for promos.

the link:

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[8.19.07 - 1.23am]

Hi 7B! Been a long time since I blogged here so here I am!

Doubt anyone will see this post but anyw guys all the best for Maths Test! We can do it tgther! POSITIVITY :D Everyone dont give up mugging! Musnt give up cos we are all in this tgther! (sounds the High school musical song -.-) But anyw to HSM fans omg HSM2 is out! It looks terrific-ly nice and awesome :D 

Oh yes one more thing, please post some comments on what we can do for ms chua's farewell! Uh confirmed booking of ms chua in the evening! I dnt think she can make it in the afternoon so mayb afternoon we can go sentosa to play or sth but evening hmm dinner at vivo? IF we are going to sentosa to play! 

Yep yep dont dao me do post something any comment will do :D Oh yes write notes for ms chua too? Photos photos photo college?

love inefficient CT rep
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Ms Chua Farewell [8.3.07 - 8.53pm]

[ mood | mischievous ]

We should really do something for ms chua on monday? Give her a surprise or something? At the same time make Mr. Poh feel jealous kekeke any suggestions?

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wow [7.30.07 - 10.30pm]

today was a good day. so many lessons, so many couplings and so much fun. and here's to the face of the birthday boy with cake in his face. cheers.

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[7.14.07 - 5.51pm]


Hey hey, shall upload some pics to make this blog more alive. 

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